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twgenrefinders's Journal

Torchwood Genre Finders
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The place to come and ask for recs for certain types of fic in the Torchwood fandom
Welcome to Torchwood Genre Finders!

Our goal here is simple. Match the person to good fic in the genre they are looking for. You want your Jack spanking Weevil fic? Post away. You want your Ianto goes back into time fic? This is the comm for you? You want your Gwen/pterodactyl fic? Umm...ok...ENJOY!

On requests for 'character-bashing' specific stories, please be courteous both to the characters of Torchwood, and to the diverse feelings and loyalties of your fellow comm members. If we think any post request has gone beyond describing the request and into being offensive, we'll delete it immediately. We believe it should be possible to ask for both specific stories or genre types of fic without getting up anyone's nose in the process.

If are you looking for a specific fic, please check out our sister site twstoryfinder.

Requests posted in the incorrect comm will be deleted.

Please wait two (2) weeks between requests for help in finding the same genre.

Play nicely with each other, and remember to thank people who go to the effort of finding links for you.