Suzie and Ianto

Hi all.

I was looking for stories that deal with the (pre-series, obviously!) relationship between Suzie and Ianto - especially stories that have them very much NOT friends. I know back in the day there were a couple of stories that touched on the idea that they hated each other, or that she found out about Lisa/guessed Ianto had secrets he was desperate to keep but after all these years I've no idea of who wrote such stories or what they were called/where they were posted.

(I'm happy to read anything that had them as friends as well, I just can't actually remember ever reading any such story!)

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2 Janto AU fics (Found)

So I'm hoping someone here will be able to help — I'm looking for two fics I definitely used to have, since I'm going to have time on my hands to do some re-reading! The first I know details for;

1. My Heart Will Go On by Munchieees — It's a Titanic AU. I know this was taken down from FF.Net and I used to have a copy but I've lost it! If anyone does have it or knows of a download link, could you throw it my way please?

2. I can't remember the name or author (great start I know). It was long (around 30 odd chapters I think). It was a school AU too I believe, and Ianto lived with his Mother (I think she might have had depression) and mistreated him, but Ianto worried about being separated from her because he was her main carer... I have a feeling it's not online anymore either and that I might have had to download it but... I can't remember so any help would be appreciated!

And then I suppose if you want to chuck any other good AU fics my way, feel free!

Ianto grown by TW1

Hi all,
Not sure if this comm is even still alive but it’s worth a shot. I’m trying to find a fic that involved Ianto being grown by TW1. I remember him, Jack, and I think Tosh? searching a TW warehouse and Ianto found a room with these vats inside that had sort of a strange liquid and were used for growing TW1 soldier children (or something like that). I remember Jack saying the liquid smelled so familiar because it reminded him of Ianto.
Does this ring any bells? I’ve been searching for ages now and can’t seem to locate it.
Thanks so much in advance!

Royal AU

Hello!Not sure if this community is still active, but I thought I'd try my luck just in case.

I absolutely loved reading Awatere11's A Royal Life and was wondering if there are any more fics out there in which either Jack or Ianto (or both) are part of royalty somehow. Looking for anything from short to epic length stories, they can be set anywhere, anytime.
Anything comes to mind, let me know and thanks in advance!


I'm hoping to get some help. I've gone through most of the tags already.i really want a really long fanfiction that's completed preferably or a WIP that gets updated regularly in any of the genres below. Multi chapters or sequals appreciated. Gwen bashing is fine but I'd also prefer Ianto. Also the dark and more evil is acceptable too.

Drug addicted Jack or Ianto
Jack has to raise Ianto after tech deages him
Rent boy
Body issues
COE fix its

Thanks everyone! I just finished what would have been a wonderful story except it hasn't been updated in about 10 years
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2 authors fics

Hi, I'm looking for fics that have written by lawford and frakkin_addict. I wanted to read their fic a lot but their journal is no more accessible..
I will be so greatful if anyone have a copy of their fics send one for me.

My email is :

Thanks :)

Best Torchwood fics

Hello, it’s been forever since I’ve been in this fandom and I’ve lost track of a lot of good fics and authors. So I’m looking for your favorite fics or authors please, particularly old ones from livejornal.
I adore Jack/Ianto or gen fics too but I’m open to most.